With the stringent environmental quality requirements placed upon industry today, obtaining professional assistance with wastewater permits, TRE studies, PPC Plans, environmental site assessments, solid waste disposal, and spill cleanup is a necessity. These tasks must be undertaken with the utmost skill and attention to detail to avoid imposition of fines, unrealistic effluent limitations, and burdensome monitoring requirements.

ProChemTech International, Inc., is pleased to offer its clients a full range of environmental services based on our unmatched industrial experience in this field. We are unique in that our years of environmental experience in industry is combined with complete analytical services capacity, specialty chemical production, and design, engineering, and construction of complete water and wastewater treatment systems. Company staff experience spans the time period 1973 to the present, with over 100 wastewater and solid waste permits obtained in fifteen states and many major projects completed. In addition to this, our people have participated as expert witnesses in numerous hearings and actions before several environmental agencies.

The following are some of the general areas in which we provide environmental services. If your particular application is not shown, please give us a call anyway.



- NPDES system design and discharge permits, parts I and II
- PADER Module I applications for solid wastes
- POTW pretreatment system design and discharge permits
- TCLP Hazardous Waste determinations and annual reports
- PADER Toxics Reduction Elimination (TRE) studies
- Treatability studies, wastewater treatment and reuse
- Drinking water system design permits
- Environmental site assessment prior to purchase or transfer
- Storm water permitting and monitoring
- Environmental litigation support
- Wastewater system troubleshooting/contract operations
- PADER Pollution Prevention Control Plans (PPC)

We also provide engineering and design services for:
-Water/Wastewater Treatment Systems

-Wastewater Treatment Reuse/Recycle
-Pilot Unit Studies
-Water Use Reduction
-Zero Discharge
Professional Affiliations
- American Institute of Chemists

- American Institute of Chemical Engineers
- American Water Works Association
- Water Environment Federation
- Association of Water Technologies
- American Chemical Society
- American Ceramic Society

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