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Treatment for removal of pollutants is often required by various local, state, and federal regulations for industrial wastewater discharged to sanitary sewers. The complex nature of industrial wastewater, coupled with the stringent pollutant limitations set by the regulatory agencies, make economical design, installation, operation, and monitoring of industrial treatment facilities a formidable problem.

MF Unit
ProChemTech built microfiltration unit
ProChemTech offers a full range of wastewater treatment services, chemical products, and equipment to solve this problem. The firm is the only one in the country that can: sample and analyze the wastewater, design a complete treatment system, obtain any environmental permits needed, supply all required equipment, undertake system construction and start-up, provide all chemical reagents, and institute a monitoring/service program to ensure proper long term operation. As a firm with extensive agency permitting experience; analytical laboratory capacity; equipment design, engineering, and installation capacity; long term industrial operations experience; and a full line of proprietary chemical reagents we are the only "one stop" source for solution of industrial wastewater treatment problems.

Each industrial wastewater system is unique in that one chemistry and system design will result in the most cost effective removal of pollutants with a minimum amount of costly to dispose of sludge. Finding the right chemistry starts in our laboratory, where the level and chemical form of pollutants are determined. Using the analytical data, we select several chemistries for detailed bench scale treatability testing to ascertain the best one for that wastewater. We have an extensive selection of chemistries available to us due to our years of industrial wastewater treatment experience and in-house manufacturing capacity.

We custom design each wastewater treatment system, using "off the shelf" proven components and our own design/manufacture equipment, to specifically take full advantage of the chemistry developed in the bench studies. This method results in the most cost effective, reliable treatment system design possible.

By comparison, most engineering and sales firms in the field utilize traditional chemistries and designs. The result is that the systems supplied by our firm are substantially less costly to install, operate, and maintain than other systems, which are not custom designed around optimum chemistry and equipment.

Supercritical Oxidation Unit
Supercritical Oxidation Unit

If you have wastewater treatment problems, just contact us to obtain a no cost proposal on the most effective solution to your problem. Please note that we have pilot wastewater treatment units of various types available for on-site treatability demonstrations.

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